2014-09-16_019_TheLittleGym_HR (2)Tom & Maja


Our daughter, Olivia, was one of the very first children to join The Little Gym Den Haag in the Netherlands. She was turning three years old, and we decided to hold her third birthday party at The Little Gym.

It was bright, colourful, friendly and professional. And we were ‘wowed’ by what our little girl was capable of.

Our tiny little three year old girl was doing forward rolls on the high beam – and loving it!  She was grinning from ear-to-ear, so proud of herself. And that was when we fell in love with The Little Gym.

Back then, we didn’t realise that holding our daughter’s third birthday at The Little Gym would change our lives forever.

But we were so impressed with The Little Gym that Tom left Heineken – where he’d worked for 10 years – and invested a big part of our life savings to bring The Little Gym franchise to families in Poland.

We wanted parents in Poland to experience the quality and professionalism of The Little Gym. And we were excited at the prospect of boosting children’s coordination, balance, confidence, listening skills, and helping them to make friends – all while having great fun.

Our ambition was to not just bring one The Little Gym to Poland, we wanted to help parents all across the country give their children a great start in life. So we talked with The Little Gym Europe, and bought the Master Franchise for Poland.

The Master Franchise means that other people interested in opening a The Little Gym can contact us, and we will help them on their journey to open their own The Little Gym franchise. We love to hear from people that want to bring a The Little Gym to their town.

We have also opened two gyms ourselves in Warsaw – and we spend our days welcoming parents and children to our gyms in Wilanow and Powisle.

In November 2011, we opened The Little Gym Wilanow. Today, nearly 500 children from four months to 11 years of age crawl, walk, run, cartwheel and somersault around our gym in Wilanow each week.

And in January 2016, we opened The Little Gym Powisle. In just three months, we already had nearly 150 members joining us each week.

Parents tell us that they see a very real and positive difference in their children. They are calmer, more confident, physically stronger, and more willing to try new things.

Mums and Dads tell us they love to spend valuable time with their children in the gym, watch them with pride, and see their confidence blossom as they learn new skills and make new friends.

They also tell us that The Little Gym is their home away from home – they feel that they belong to something special.

We love that parents come here to meet their friends, have a cup of coffee, and take advantage of all the benefits our members’ only club provides.

We are so happy to be able to provide parents with a warm, welcoming club that not only builds stronger, more confident children but also promotes a sense of belonging in today’s busy world.

We hope to see you in the gym soon.

Tom and Maja
Poland Master Franchise
Owners – The Little Gym Wilanow and The Little Gym Powisle